Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love Rage

i went to the UP fair last night with some of my pex friends and my officemates. it's been a while since I've been there and i remember having enjoyed my visits in the previous years.

well, first of all my RANTS:

* the stalls we're not as interesting as before. there were mostly food stalls and tiangge which sells shirts as expensive as P200 tsk tsk.

*there was no manghuhula. we would have wanted to have our palms read. or at least someone who was into tarot cards, runes, bolang kristal, whatever. tsk tsk...

* there was no booze!! i used to enjoy the 10 peso mixed drinks they had, or at least the P20 beer in can and enjoy the party really hard. but then again maybe twas just for our safety. ;)

* i didn't know most of the bands. i got bored and sleepy in between the sets of those more known bands. darn i feel so ancient.

* we were made to exit the opposite way where the grass was wet and there even were puddles and quite a big canal to jump over. duh!

well, newei here's my RAVES:

*twas really glad that I finally got to see Up Dharma Down perform live. I've their cd back home which i would play over and over again. armie, the vocalist, really has a very powerful voice. And yeah, i was able to record the two songs they performed on my cell phone. ;)

*there was a lot of shawarma food stalls and i kinda missed that food hehehe...

* i was able to buy this cellphone ornament which is reminiscent of my niece's baby nucti which she bought all the way from NY but got lost when she got here in Manila. i'm not so sure if she'll like this but i can use this for now.

* tuesday vargas rocks!!!!yeah, she's a good enough singer pala. raspy voice huh, and i love her quips:

first she asked the crowd:

nasaan ang mga virgins? taas kamay ang mga virgins!!"
(audience raises hands)
tuesday: PAK YU!!!!! (lol)

then she said:

para sa mga nagmamahalan, mga boy and girl, M to M, G to G, bi-curious to bi- curious, sa inyong lahat


hahahah can't really help but laugh!!

then after singin her last song, she invited everyone to their website and for everyone to buy their album too (so sorry, i forgot the name of their bad, my bad!)

" bumili po kayo ng album namin sa mga inde pa nakakabili. pwede rin download. kung wala kayong pera eh di PIRATED!!!"

loka-lokang babae!! haay, she really woke me up hehehe....

*and of course there was 6cyclemind who's rendition of prinsesa was really great. raymond marasigan of sandwich was good too. and bamboo band of course. but then yeah, it's still tuesday vargas for me *okay*

oh well, we left shortly after bamboo played and went straight to cantina for some booze. that was about 2am. we downed about a couple of bottles each while we talked about love and sex and short time and fubu and about not going to church every sunday. hahaha i've such great company. we left around 4am kse may prayer meeting pa daw the following day ang kasama ko. lol.

had such a great time. tnx a lot to my beloved UGAT family. :D

ikaw, baka naman you were there too pala???

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