Monday, February 05, 2007

oh, look!!!

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while at it, i'd like to copy this one from my email:

Hotline Opens to Counsel Heartbroken Potter Fans
A British book retailer plans to set up a counseling hotline for all heartbroken fans of Harry Potter, who is going to die in the much awaited next book.

The seventh and final book of J. K. Rowling includes the death of the popular character.

It is already topping the charts at and, and a deluxe edition of the book is second despite a hefty pricetag.

counseling, my foot!! o sya, then lemme just offer the services of my very own home then for your psychoemotional needs. we do specialize in crisis counseling anyway. har-har!


  1. haha Her-my-knee's so sexay. People talaga oh, looks photoshopped to me! ANd BOOK 7? SERIOUSLY? Where was I hiding the past week, aarghhhh, *runs to Amazon*

  2. go!! yeah, i'd like to have a photoshopped pic of myself too heheh...