Sunday, February 11, 2007

a weekend with tori

turned out i had to stay home again for the weekend. i've a "lakad" (for lack of a better term) which was once again rescheduled. but what the heck, am a resilient kiddo after all. no need to sulk in one corner huh! (yeah right)

i took the time to surf and surf and i realized am missing tori once more. my love for tori go back a long long time ago when a friend of mine introduced me to her pretty good year song so i bought the under the pink album. and i fell in love instantly i started buying her next ones and even backtracked on the previously released albums. i even had a lot of print outs of her pics and lyrics and life story, everything about her which i could get my hands on.

i also asked some friends abroad to get me singles of her which i couldn't fine here. yeah, i've met some rare friends too all because we worship the same goddess.

when neil gaiman came to the country and had schedules for a book signing i and my good friend JB took the time off to line up just for the autographs. never mind if we had to line up for a freakin 6 hours. and of course, i let him sign my Death and The High Cost of Living comic book only because, well of course, tori wrote the introduction ehe! and yeah, all i said to him was "pls, next time bring tori here with you!" hehehe i felt so ashamed of myself much later having realized what i just did! anyway you can review the full story here.

well anyway, i found myself itching for mp3s of here as most of my files are in my computer back home. i was fortunate enough to have found the site where i could download almost all the tori hits i could find. yi-ha! so if you view my multiply account you can hear my goddess lulling you to a fantastic consciousness you never knew existed.

as if i was not ecstatic enough i woke up this early morning with a text message from my sister saying that she has finally found me the Tales of a Librarian double cd which i've been wanting for so long.

haaay, this is the layp!


  1. I see you've been blogging for quite some time now. Sayang, you shouldve gone to the blog parteeh!

    on topic: I like Spark and Cornflake Girl a lot despite the fact that it makes me look like a total goof when i try to sing them. haha

  2. yeah, oh well....let me know of your gig skeds who knows i could drop by and hear you growl. :D

    tnx for droppin by ;)