Wednesday, February 21, 2007

wanting to write again

i used to write a lot. and i mean a lot. i've some poems and verses and short stories and anecdotes hell even slogans buried somewhere. but that was a decade ago. i stopped just after having attended my first national writing workshop.

well, twas a great experience, met a lot of co-old souls in there. just could not forget that b*tch who told me i should not write anymore. argh! i could not exactly remember what it was she was ranting about. we we're discussing a poem of mine then and i guess she did not like my answer to her grilling so she just retorted with a resounding "then you shouldn't write at all!" i've never been mortified in my life. my fellows were as shocked too.

oh well, that was my first and last workshop. and though i've written a few scratches here and there i've never dreamed of being published anymore. i guess my muse just left me since then. i hope she's happy where she is now.

oh, i just felt nostalgic right after having seen music and lyrics. tis a very heartwarming love story but more than anything else it just reminded me of those times when i was always inspired and words and thoughts would just come flowing in and before i knew it i've created something lyrical already.

back to the movie though. had so much fun watching hugh grant in all his sexy glory shaking his booty! yeah, he's kinda getting old but sexy just the same. ;)

and drew barrymore, minus a few pounds here is always a sweetheart. :D

it's totally a feel good movie with all the happy elements of goodlooking people falling for each other amidst the inspiration of music and err lyrics or beautiful verses. and though there were lil conflicts they still ended up kissing and almost making out during a stage performance, how cool can that get. *okay*

ironically though if there's anything i've learned from it, must be that "life is not a fairy tale, deal with it!" yeah, really realistic words for someone like me who still believes in happy endings and that someday i could have my muse back and be inspired again and could live happily ever after.



  1. Don't worry, I think we are all hoping for a happily ever after no matter how cynical we get. :D

  2. well yeah, living happily ever after is i think but a choice anyway. tnx! ;)

  3. Don't you dare allow someone to impose their own limitations on you. That girl telling you that "you shouldn't write" was a clear distraction placed in the midst of your path to get you off track. And apparently she got the job done. Don't let a mere distraction keep you from fulfilling your purpose.