Thursday, February 19, 2009

alone in tokyo

my companion left tonight leaving me by my lonesome. he has to to get home earlier to edit the videos, I on the other hand have to stay longer and interview more people. i will have to go back to Osaka this weekend as it's the only time when most of our fellow Pinoys are available.

i love this alone time though. i want to explore this place more. by myself.

it can get pretty lonely though. i went to this restaurant and saw mostly older males by their lonesome. maybe the single ladies are in the other side of town.

the tables are mostly for one or two persons, and some have counters where one can just stand and eat. fast. alone. there's nothing much that could be heard except for the slurping sound of everyone who is enjoying there meal. i am used to eating my food slowly but here you have to eat fast and noisily indicating that you are truly enjoying your food.

then you have to return your tray to the counter and leave your table clean for the next person to use. nice and quick.

i walked back to the hotel thinking how lonesome their lives must be. i remember reading this story from Paulo Coellho about this Japanese guy who was found dead in his apartment 20 years later. yup, 20 years. he's been gone for 20 long years and no one really looked for him or noticed that he's been gone. his ex-wife didn't bother contacting or looked for him after their divorce. his office mates and friends thought he just left his job and skipped town. he was found dead in his pajamas and the police who found him thought that he must have died in his sleep. must be peaceful perhaps. but just the same, 20 years and no one bothered to look for him or at least asked anyone how he must have been.

i've forgotten the title of that short story, i think it's from his Flowing Like a River book. i've basically forgotten the other details. but that lonesome thought just makes me wanna weep. and say a prayer for him if indeed it's a true story. or pray just the same for everyone who is lonely out there.

it is a beautiful world. i am blessed. i have my family. i have my friends and my loved ones. and i would always want to be grateful for all of that.

i may be alone now but at least i don't want to feel lonely. hey, i'm just a buzz away huh!

tomorrow is another day. i have a few reports to make. i still feel feverish and i left my medicine box back in osaka. and the drugstores here don't seem to have OTC medicines. but i don't wanna care. there's still a lot to see. the possibilities are endless. everything is just a train ride and more walks away.

life is beautiful. i'm glad i am here. and i'm glad to be here for the people that i care for.

uhm, i didn't mean to make this blogpost appear too pensive, but oh well. =)

and i am extra grateful too that there's a starbucks in my neighborhood. i am never really far from home eh!


  1. Hi A. Lang!

    Hanggang kelan ka sa Japan? Nandito lang ako sa Osaka :) Where do you stay in Osaka? Maybe we can meet up? :)

    Salary man yung mga nakita mo sa restaurant.

    - Albert

  2. bambie9:56 AM

    baka mag ala 'lost in translation' ka

  3. oh wow, albert! pupunta ako ng osaka sa 22 pero sa amagasaki muna. sa 23-25 sa Villa Fontaine Hotel ako sa may shinsaibashi. sana nga makita kita. :D