Wednesday, February 25, 2009

genki desu ka?

i am a bit claustrophobic. i would tend to panic and experience shortness of breath whenever i am in enclosed places like elevators and small rooms without windows.

but this is one test i have to try it out myself. i'm not getting any younger, i know there are things that i must try to slowly overcome. yi-ha!

in this temple in Nara, i would have to creep and pass this tiny hole carved on some tree. passing through will suppose to make me feel genki or stronger and wiser, so pass through i did.

going, going...

i wish i hadn't eaten that much that morning, and peeled off some of my clothes as well...

so it won't appear that i panicked a bit and was scared about getting stuck half way, i had to smile for the camera.

genki desu ka?

sou desu, sou desu!


( mali ata nihonggo ko, pero bahala na. hehehe....)

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