Sunday, February 08, 2009

beauty in despair

what was running on my mind while we trudged that scenic yet all too wearisome path to Pinatubo...

why am i doing this?

i'm doing this not because i just want to test my limits, to know if i can still take this arduous trek, to know if my bones can still carry me through.

i am doing this also for the victims, for everyone whose cries and pains once reverberated the towns of Zambales and around it during its eruption. for those whose lives and livelihood perished all because of this epic tragedy.

i pray hoping that in His own perfect time, they will finally make peace with Him. that they be able to transcend the woes and see life with a better perspective.

it was almost blasphemous exclaiming how wonderful, wonderful the crater lake looks now with its waters in deep hues of blues and greens and the towering mountains around it but it is but the plain truth. there is an immense Being out there who knows exactly what He is doing and could only prove to everyone that there is still beauty even in despair.

and although my own physical weariness could not compare to your grief and sadness at this very moment i pray that i could at least make you feel how i am one with you in this present debacle.

i must have said my constant prayers of hope and faith that we may continue to believe and will never lose that sense of wonder in the beauty of things. life might be hard. the path we have to trudge on may be rocky and seemingly impassable. but it can't be all that. life and love has to go on. and we can see it bloom anywhere around us. even in the most unexpected of places and circumstances.

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