Wednesday, February 04, 2009

can i just breathe?

January just's only been the first quarter and i'm getting so drained already. andami dami dami naman kasing issues!

what hurts me the most really is that i miss the comfort of my own home. i miss sitting in the darkness with my music in full blast and just think or cry my heart out. and i can't do that anymore now. why can't they understand me? it is my only solace.

and i will be travelling again. and i don't know how to welcome the cold waether there. i will be in the company of strangers. i will be in some foreign land and i dunno why i'm having so many bleak images now.

darn it, i'm not in the mood. and it's not helping that concerns i have to address to are piling up. tasks that i'm not even responsible for are being entrusted to me.

sigh. i guess this is what growing up, growing old is really all about. fine!

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