Friday, February 27, 2009

while i was away

i didn't have a celphone the entire two weeks that i was in Japan. theirs is a different technology anyway, one would need a quadband phone so that international roaming could work. i brought my old N73 with me but in our haste i failed to turn on my roaming services just the same hehehe...

i didn't know that i could actually miss out on a lot of things in that two weeks. i was almost online but our SMS world is much more rich in terms of getting info, right?

i called up my mom and learned about two incidents which gave me mixed reactions.

the bad incident first:

one nephew has been staying with me for the past 3 weeks, going on a month. well, it is not in my character to 'adopt" anyone in my little home especially with how claustrophobic and territorial i could get. i agreed for a mere one week though because i am still after all, uhm, family oriented. well anyway, he's still in my home having a fun time maybe in dwelling in my own place, tsk, tsk...okay, but that is not the bad incident.

about a week after i left for japan, my mom reportedly received a text message from his friend saying that he's been admitted at St. Luke's Hospital for the past two days due to food poisoning. my mom then was conducting a seminar in the province, she had to take a break and almost felt faint. i know that my mom has a heart condition. just some backgrounder, i remember back then when my parents would fight, i would run to my mom's side when i'd see her crying and start caressing her chest, feeling her heart so that nothing bad would happen to her. i don't really know what that condition is but i've been told about it as a kid.

all my mom knew then was that i was out of the country and her eldest grandson is lying in some hospital for days, alone. the seminar she conducted had to stop, she felt uneasy and they opted to just all pray for his safety.

when my mom got home she said they called up my friends in manila to check out on him.

but here's the real story. he was indeed suffering from fever and had been vomiting like crazy that i couldn't sleep even if i just came from a long travel and have been suffering from vertigo the past days. i suspected something was utterly wrong.

what he told me though was that yes, he got sick. but nope, he was never admitted in the hospital. he did go to St. Luke's for a check up because apparently he had been drinking tap water from my faucet. and that water was contaminated so he had to undergo antibiotic therapy as prescribed by the doctor.

the text message actually started out as a prank passed on from one of his friends who reached another gullible friend who then passed it on to my mom. my poor mom panicked and yes, almost lost her mind. jeez!

the better incident though is that yes, my older brother is finally getting married!

a day after i arrived he texted me asking how soon i can go home for my gown fitting. they are getting married and i'm going to be the maid of honor, yey!

this wedding news has been going on for sometime now but i never knew it could be so soon.

i must have sent him a barrage of questions asking him when, what motif, where, etc. all he said was it's going to be on the April 18th. he'll tell me about the other details after they finish with the popcom seminar they were attending that day, whoa!

so i called home and ask my mom. ang sagot pa niya eh, "bakit, di mo ba alam? bakit naman kasi ang tagal mo sa Japan?"

hahaha, kasalanan ko pa.

what happened daw was, last feb. 14 they all trooped down to the girl's house for the pamamanhikan. comedy daw sabi ng mom ko because she was told told to lead and she didn't know what to do then that all they did most of the time was pray. well what can we expect from my mom who is a devout church worker hehehe...

i texted my brother and told him Xan should be the ring bearer.

kaso ayaw niya kasi baka daw itakbo o pagulungin sa sahig ang mga singsing. he is assigned as the bible bearer instead though so it won't matter much in case he decides to just sit down on the aisle and read the bible.

i am excited, this is going to be one major stage mommy moment for me hehehe...

and yes, i can finally wear a gown again. i hope i'll have enough time to start on a good diet and prettify wehehehe...

oh wow, i din't know how a lot of major things could actually happen in two weeks, and i always hate being out of the loop especially when it concerns my family and my loved ones.

our days are truly hi tech already. anyone and everyone is just a text and /or buzz away.

distance can be a bitch but of course we all know that with good communication it can always be transcended.

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