Friday, February 13, 2009

short tales from the land of the rising sun

arrived here in Osaka at past 9pm last night. we knew it was going to be cold but i didn't realize it was freezer cold. but we were told that Tokyo will be much colder, yay.

i somehow managed to get used to it and i'm actually loving it now. just no rains please, it rained tonight and it became even colder.


i love Japan, i've always loved their culture. i love how polite their people are and even if they don't speak that much English they will do all they can to help you even if it means looking like crazy with all those hand movements ...

everything here is almost compartmentalized, small rooms, small bathrooms but will all the essentials organized neatly and in an orderly manner.

right now, i am most amazed with my bathroom and the, uhm, bowl.

i feel like a kid experimenting with all those buttons haha!

my bathroom with my half sized tub. buti na lang half-sized din ako haha!


was able to go to Denden Town, their local version of Akihabara (Tokyo). it has rows and rows of electronics and gadgets and comic book stores and stuff and games and all those manga shops, phew!

i was able to get myself these for barely 10,000.00 PhP all in!

the camera has a 4 gig memory card, btw!


i will start working tomorrow when our Filipino contacts become available for our interviews. and hopefully this time they can tour us around most tourist spots here in Osaka. i wish to see more temples and cultural places next time.

more stories coming up then.

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  1. Walang gaanong cultural ekek sa Osaka. Malapit lang ang Kyoto sa Osaka, you might as well go there.