Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Miss Mc Flurry.

i got my Japan visa this morning and i'm all set to go tomorrow, well a little. i still haven't changed my peso to either dollars or yen. i need to drop by megamall before my flight to pick up my insurance card which i had processed this afternoon hihi.

i wouldn't know yet if i'm prepared for the cold, they say it's 4-6 C out there. i wasn't able to buy myself a winter jacket because i could not find one in Surplus anymore. i was eyeing this North Face one but it's pretty hefty at 12k kahit na may sale, ulk!

oh well, i've sent my SOS to our Japan contact to lend me a jacket just in case my 3-4 layers won't suffice. sana lang kasi may mag imbento ng pill na pampainit. and oh, i'm not even being kinky here.

i have prepared our day to day itinerary and yes it's all work. no turista entry in there. it's my first time in Osaka but my second time in Tokyo so i would like to consider each place, each experience as pang turista already.

i have sent emails to our Filipino friends in there and i am overwhelmed by their excitement and hospitality already. i am looking forward to a fun, fun trip. everything in there is expensive that we were adviced to bring cup noodles but sorry, i'm just not the instameal type. hopefully, we will be well-fed there by our friends yi-ha! otherwise it's going to be 7-11's rice meals and sandwiches for me.

when i come back here on the 25th i will have to immediately report to our screening committee for the results of my interviews and validation.

on the 26th we will have our Regional Awarding ceremony for our domestic search.

i hope it won't be too much if i could ask for a spa break. well, okay, a pedicure will suffice.

i still don't know what to wear on that event. i hope my not-that-weary smile will carry me through.

on the 27th we will have to fly for Cebu for the awarding ceremonies of our finalists from Mindanao and Visayas. i hope everything that i've worked for will work out on its own. i'm just an email away anyway for the final preparations.

on March 1 we will be in Bohol, for...wala lang. beach bum.

papapatayin ako sa lamig ng dalawang linggo at ibibilad sa araw pag uwi. nice, nice!

we will be back in Manila on the 3rd, suntanned but hopefully not burned.

when this all over i just wish i could go home and be with Xan for a week or two. please.
i called him up a while ago and he was just shouting, "mommy, mommy, bye!"

and in the flurry of things, i just can't help but stop and think and pray that you'll somehow have that peace of mind bit by itty bit. but don't rush. take your time. it isn't called a process for nothing.

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