Friday, July 10, 2009

flying first class

Thanks to Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles program, i was able to score a first class round trip ticket to CDO at half it's regular mileage points. I only paid travel taxes amounting to barely 2300.00. Yes i'm a regular traveler but i always take economy class. I am still after all masa and ignorant to these things.

So i learned that the perks of traveling first class actually start upon entering the express entrance lane at the airport, having its own counter for check-in and an access to its Mabuhay Lounge. The lounge actually offers meals, free soup and assorted sandwiches and fruits and dessert and coffee and drinks. One can even have some beer from the ref. Too bad i had a rather early flight and my stomach is not really accustomed to heavy breakfast meals. But yes, i did finish one mini croissant sandwich filled with bacon, lettuce and tomato, one mini sandwich with grilled chicken, a serving of their mini banoffee crepe and two more mini croissants with butter. plus 3 more cups of their brewed coffee. phew! and there's wi-fi at the lounge too.

upon boarding the plane, one is ushered to the first few seats. seats are wider thus having more room. since i'm pretty petite i felt like umaalog-alog ako that i wanted to sing bulilit bulilit ang liit liit! it was a bit uncomfortable for me. i tried to sleep as soon as the plane took off but too much caffeine was really hard to fight off eh. and then the steward approached me to serve some more food, OMG! i couldn't help but remember Fr. Gorospe from my Theology of Liberation class telling us all about social sins! I mean how could one afford to have this too much luxuries in just an hour and 15 minute flight? i was still too full and yet there's still more food!
upon deplaning, there's still one more perk. our bags would come out the earliest after having been tagged as "priority" baggages. so this must be what the aristocrats feel like. have the best priority and full service everything. i almost felt like there was a chauffeur driven car waiting outside to take me home. but of course reality just have to jolt us back in as i had to hail a cab to take me to the bus station to where i should be going. okay, back to reality. i am still very much hoi polloi.
but wait, it's a round trip fare so i will still enjoy these perks again when i go back to Manila next week.