Thursday, July 30, 2009

Project Shoebox

this facebook feature of allowing us to tag our long lost friends when we post their photos is just so much fun. I am sure that most of us now are bent in looking for our old photos and having them scanned for us to upload. that is, if we haven't done it yet.

the past several weeks saw me scanning Tsak's numerous old photos and even his IDs from grade school to high school which made me green with envy. i lost most of mine kasi. he kept them all in a shoebox and i deem them totally precious. it's like having all his jewels in it. (no, not those kind of jewels, fool!)

it's actually a fun trip to his memory lane. it's like looking into a pensieve where i get to draw out one memory of his after another. each one must have its own story to tell that i could only wonder and ponder about.

when we went to my late friend, Bambie's wake last weekend, his parents showed us several albums of our photos which he took when we were in college. thus we spent our time going through them and laughing and teasing each other with how we look back then. we almost forgot we were in front of his casket as he laid there still while we continued recalling those wonderful moments.

we said we wanted to borrow them so we could scan them for all the others to see but his parents were much kinder to entrust them to us for safekeeping. They are now with Macoy and I'm sure he is now having a grand time looking and marveling at each photo.

Bambie is so right with what he wrote on my journal, which i quote:

Sa bawat litrato naramdaman ko na napatigil ko ang panahon at maari kung ariin ang panahong iyun. "Akin ito, alala ko ito!" Kahit paano ay nagtagumpay ako sa pagtipon ng ilang bahagi ng nakaraan sa akin.

i have partially done my own Project Shoebox a while back but i know i still have more photos out there somewhere which begs for my attention as well. i hope i could find them really soon before it gets into slow decay.

meanwhile, this also gives us the license to camwhore some more and capture more memories. life is indeed so short. and there's just so many events, so many people that we get to encounter each day that remembering all of them all at once can be too hard for our brains.

so here's to making more fond memories, more picture-taking, and yes, more scanning!

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