Wednesday, July 15, 2009


nope, i'm not talking about that nasty type of hilot. :p

my mom finally brought home a manang hilot to help me out with my constant complaints for pains and numbness on my right shoulders up to the entire arm. i constantly get massages but i was told they are not really enough to take out the knots or lamig sa katawan as they only press them and not really take them out.

masakit ha! the last time i went to a hilot was when i guess i was still a kid. i had to lie down on the bed because i felt like fainting as she started kneading and pressing on my shoulder blades.

pati kilikili ko may lamig din daw! which explains now the pangangalay.

well, after about 30 minutes closing my eyes while hearing her laborious breathing as she tried hard to loosen those knots we were finally done.

i felt lighter and more relaxed. yun nga lang i can't take a bath that day. had i known i should have taken my bath early this morning but then i was still fast asleep when they arrive. but then again, the smell and greasy feel of liniment will still linger on. yup, i'm currently amoy bukayo with a little mixture of ginger and garlic and i dunno what else Manang mixed on her potion.

i'm just wondering, will Manang get to pass on her hilot skills to a younger one for the next generations? may hilot din kaya sa ibang bansa especially the more progressive ones? or may hilot din kaya sa mga spas natin sa metro? hmmm....

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