Tuesday, July 28, 2009


so my college friend, Macoy Tang is now a true blue cartoonist!

got a copy of his mini comic book, Maskot. i don't really know what's it's called but it's just photocopied and can easily be passed on and distributed/sold to friends.

it's a story about, well, a mascot who had quite some mis/adventures with his costume.

it is not entirely pambata more so because it shows us a little bit about how grouchy this supposedly funny man could be.

i like it's simplicity and candidness but i have to admit i'd get to appreciate it more if it is colored. :)

thanks, for the gift, Tang and like any comic book fan i would surely treasure this one. i know you'll still go a long long way and i can't help but add, i'm sure our friend, Bambie is beaming and is so proud of you now.
btw, i'm a fan of Gerry Alanguilan's Wasted too and i'm happy for you that he's endorsing this piece as well, yey!

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