Sunday, July 05, 2009


my love affair with Vincci's started when we went to Kuala Lumpur lst year and got to visit their stall at some mall. I'm not really fond of girly shoes but staring at endless rows and rows of shoes in delicate designs and very reasonable prices too are just too hard to ignore.

i bought myself two pairs, a 4 inch silver and transparent sandals and a red number in patent leather.

i got the silver one for 69 RM and the red one at 59 RM and both at a 20% discount so just please do the Math. 1 RM is about 14 pesos.�

i became doubly excited when i learned that there are Vincci outlets in Kota Kinabalu and yes, we again scoured all of them when we went there last week.

the selection was just too much for me to bear. i want all of them! but of course i don't really know when and how i'd get to wear them anyway so i only took home two pairs too.

a red low-heeled sandals with gold studs at 65 RM and an old rose/maroon/gold sandals at 70 RM...both at 20% off as well.�

so you would understand what the craze is all about, Vincci's is locally known as VNC and it is priced at 1500-3000 pesos per pair here in our country. �


  1. hi lang!

    i can pretty feel your excitement for the shoes.
    i feel the same too when i buy shoes.
    what more if the price is reasonable.

    thanks for the sandals.
    love it!

    p/s i've subscribed to your blog. :)

  2. hi carol! nice seeing you here. yeah, vincci's and nice shoes can be very addicting!
    btw, other than Banana Peel and Planet, we have Toe berry's and all those cutesy slipper brands as well. too many to choose from indeed!