Tuesday, September 27, 2011

another manang is in the neighborhood

Manang, no, not the Manang we have in the Ateneo campus who serves great pork chop, is also now here in Katipunan just as eager to feed us this time with her own chicken recipe. I have heard about this from fellow food hunters and the reviews have been nothing but awesome. Imagine my excitement when i saw a signage weeks ago. 

Their tiny place opened today, Monday and even the rains brought about by Typhoon Pedring did not deter the flock that wanted a taste of Manang's Chicken. And oh, everyone of us got a free sundae cone as their opening day promo!

I ordered their two-piece choice cuts for take out and it costs P154.00 which already includes a regular drink. They will let you choose what type of sauce you want for your chicken that is, regular, mild, spicy, extra spicy. i wanted to play it safe so i chose the mild sauce. I shared my meal with my office mates and they all like the chicken. i like it's crunchy skin and the size of its cuts are satisfying enough. but the meat seems to be tasteless, uh-oh. 

An extra order of their regular potato chips costs P30.00. I am quite used to having fries but this one's addicting, it is crunchy and crisp and it seemed liked they were baked since it is not too oily. 

I'm not too sold on this just yet but I'd definitely like to give them a chance.

And contrary to popular complains, this branch uses real plates for their dine-in customers (I got this photo on the counter while waiting for my order hehe)

Manang's Chicken Katipunan is located at the ground floor of the Burgundy Plaza just beside 7-11. They also deliver around the area with their number 9215907.

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