Wednesday, April 18, 2007

at the tip of the world!

brooke's point, palawan-- our flight yesterday to puerto princesa was at 8am and at 630 we were still rushing along edsa to the airport heheh...good enough the computers at the checking counter acted up so it was delayed a bit...we managed to get through on thme nick of time. ;)

we arrived in puerto princesa at past 9am and lo and behold a brass band actually greeted us! but then of course, there were politicians that arrived with us hehe...

we took quite a while retrieving our bags. there were a lot of passengers and the cebu pacific flight arrived with us too. but the airport is really but small and not well ventilated. can anyone tell Mayor Hagedorn to fix their airport up?? Our Cagayan de Oro airport is smaller but well organized. puerto princesa definitely needs a great improvement especially if they are supposed to be aiming high at tourism.

our destination, brooke's point is another 4 hours from the city. we went to the public market to get on a van which leaves every alas-puno meaning once there's enough number of passengers to fill up the entire van...heck! after waiting a while we finally left at 12 noon and it was so freakin hot.

good enough the roads are somewhat better. but of course, elections are comin up so everyone really wants to make a good impression. another good thing was i had my mp3 player with me and i can just drift off and be oblivious of everyone.

finally arrived at brooke's point around's such a bliss that my room has aircon...too bad i don't have tv...but well, am too tired to complain...lemme just sleep all i want....:)

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