Wednesday, April 25, 2007

food trippin in palawan

i still can't help but remember the yummy food i've had in puerto princesa..hmmm...

this is the rice noodles with pork strips i ordered in Vietnamese Village...but boy, the P9 french bread is what i miss the most.

on our last night in puerto, we decided to go to Kalui's and order a sumptuous seafood dinner and whoa this is what we got...appetizers comprised of seaweeds, sauteed kangkong with shrimps and squid, a plate of grilled shrimps, grilled tuna,

we had our extra order of lobster for P600 a half kilo (that's about 3 pieces of medium sized ones)

the meal ended with a serving of fresh fruits topped with muscovado..haay so yumyum!!!

oh wel, must have gained a few pounds that day heheh...wish i could go back for more.

so did i make you drool???

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