Thursday, April 19, 2007

still at the tip of the world!

brooke's point, palawan--
had quite an easy day. finally got to meet our nominee after about 20 minutes of tricycle ride towards the area...kinda sad looking in there but no it's not. people there are actually thriving. our nominee, young as she is actually chose to live there leaving her family and everything else behind and pursue her calling. nice, nice...

i actually felt ashamed for being bitchy when things just doesn't go the way i like it or when a little of my leisures in life are not there.

really enlightening. reminds me of how and why am still at this job in the first place. in this seemingly freaked out world, people are still out there trying hard to make a difference. they transcend all odds and go beyond themselves in spite of their misgivings. sigh...

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