Sunday, April 08, 2007

summer fun!

it's a great country we have here...and summer is just one great excuse to explore beautiful sights anywhere...this time, i managed to get away with my family for once. we we're able to reserve a place at the scenic misamis occidental aquamarine park for the holy sorry, but for this family, gone were the days when the holy week has been spent at home lounging and lazing and keeping quiet...instead it has become our chance to get together and hie away somewhere and just have fun and bond as a family.

located on the eastern tip of the zamboanga peninsula, the moap is actually a government owned and managed establishment located at the municipality of sinacaban in misamis get there from our city in iligan we only have to drive less than an hour to the mukas port, get on a barge for about 15 minutes to ozamiz city and drive up another 20 minutes to the resort...yeah, this is all in mindanao heheh...

being a big family of 12, that includes my mom, us siblings and the nieces and nephews, we got the airconditioned dormitory which costs us P250 per head. the place is decent enough with network tv (yeah, only chanels 2 and 7 are available)..two restrooms, a little kitchen and 7 doubledecks...good enough for our cozy family.

a lot of activities could already be done nearby like fishing for P20 for the fishing pole and fish caught and cooked would be at P70 per kile...too bad we didn't get anything except for a couple of small tilapias which we returned to the water just the same.

there's a mini zoo carefully built around the mangroves too. we would only walk around the bamboo bridges and see lots of animals and a few more monkeys climbing's indeed a cool treat.

the best attraction though would have to be the dolphin island. we paid P130 per head for the entrance fee and roundtrip boat fare and just enjoy everything in there. the boat ride took about 20 minutes and what greeted us was another delight what with a big enough grandstand with several dolphins frolicking on the waters.

there were even a few giant sea turtles on the side. up ahead was a sandbar big enough for the entire family to run around, take pics and bathe...hehe, the other people left us when we got too rowdie having our pics taken.

thus we all went home sunned and tanned but with big big smiles on our faces. we took so many pics and we love looking at it over and over again. we really had a great, great time!

more pics can be viewed here!!!

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