Saturday, April 21, 2007

keeping me sane

i'd like to share my playlist and some lil stories behind it...this has been and will be my companion in my travels...can't help but be at ease even if the roads become really bumpy and long and winding...i can just always be lost in my own world with my songs...

epiphany-staind (i'm actually born on the day of epiphany..hmmm)
closer-nine inch nails (this one's actually one of my fave sexy love song hahaha!)
love hurts-incubus (we downloaded the entire album and actually loved listening to this most especially when the roads are extra bumpy and headbanging becomes effortless)
the blower's daughter-damien rice ( i love, love this very sad, poignant song from the movie Closer)
vida cor meum-Kingdom of Heaven OST (supposedly Dante's song for his beloved Beatrice, i shouldn't be keeping more songs of unrequited love on my playlist huh!)
crash into me-dave matthews band (sexy, sexy song from The Man!)
deep-nine inch nails (who can ignore Trent Reznor???)
collide-dishwalla (two people meeting and later falling apart? tsk, tsk..)
coral sky-dishwalla
counting blue cars-dishwalla (one of dishwalla's first famous songs)
find your way back home-dishwalla
head like a hole-nine inch nails
you give me something-james morrison (c'mon! don't be so scared now ;)
last goodbye-jeff buckley
breathing-lifehouse (i love this, so easy, so stress-free, no pressures at all...even if you don't speak tonight it's alright, alright with me...)
everything-lifehouse (very hopeful yet full of apprehensions. someday, somehow i hope the questions could be answered soon)
heaven-live (my faith is mine and mine alone. no one can dictate it)
far away-nickelback
only-nine inch nails
pretty good year-tori amos (i love tori and this is one of the songs i fell in love with)
say goodbye-dave matthews band
smells like teen spirit-tori amos (yeah, atori cover yi-ha!)
the hand that feeds-nine inch nails
the perfect drug-nine inch nails
a sorta fairytale-tori amos (am just pretty hoping that the things i have right now are not just passing thru or temporary like some sorta fairy tale..oh wel..)
turn my head-live
city of blinding lights- U2 ( we hope we could have remained naive and unknowing of all the other good things in life then maybe we could enjoy life better)
burn-the cure ( hear this and imagine eric draven goin from rooftop to rooftop...the adrenaline rush is just amazing!)
for love not lisa-slipknot (from The Crow ost, my fave OST of all time)
big empty- stone temple pilots ( i remembered listening a lot of STP while studying for chem back in college. i memorized most of the songs but flunked the subject hehe...this is also from the album, Purple ;) )
dead souls-nine inch nails (haunting, inviting...that's shy i love trent so much!)
time baby III- medicine
light grenades-incubus
from a shell-lisa germano
all of this past-sarah bettens ( another depressing but melodically sweet song from the Underworld Ost)
anna molly-incubus
hover-trust company (don't shut me out...)
earth to bella-incubus
bring me the disco king-david bowie (from the Underworld OST)
falling through the sky-renholder
a perfect circle-renholder
oil and water-incubus
every little thing-dishwalla (this is currently the national anthem back home, we, my nieces, nephews and i love singing to this song altogether)

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