Friday, April 20, 2007

Puerto it is!!

Puerto Princesa, Palawan---after that enlightening trip to brooke's point, it's finally time to head back to the city, puerto princesa it is! yeah, i was so relieved, nevermind if we had to face 4-5 more hours of travel. at least we got seats where we could hog the aircon hehe...and though the ride was bumpy and quite hot and dusty and long i chose not to be bitchy about it anymore. after all i had my music to listen and get lost to. and i was still thinkin of the people we left behind who chose to stay there and serve. to SERVE in that place is indeed such a big word...for me at least.

we left around past 3pm and got to puerto at almost 8pm. we tried to go to this hotel but apparently it has changed management and the rates were now quite stiff. good thing am an avid pex reader thus i got to browse on the Palawan thread several options for lodging in the area. one of those i remembered was Lola Itang's, so we went there instead. and we were able to get rooms there for a minimal fee of P750 for a single accommodation. Good, good!

we rested for a while and went out to get dinner. whoa, imagine my exhilaration when i finally got into the city streets. there were cars and motorcycles and people everywhere and everything was just a-bustling! i wouldn't have mind walking through the streets even if i was still tired from the trip hehehe...was just really great to find "life" again. boy, am so mean!

we ate at chicken inato, sorry forgot to take photos this time...and then we proceeded to Kamarikutan, it's an art gallery/coffeshop/resto and i remembered loving it much there the last time i was able to visit the place. it felt like home, and it felt like i've been there several times even if i've only been there once pala.

and look who we found??! noel cabangon was actually playing for the Earth Day celebrations!

the night proved to be really enchanting as noel cabangon sang his timeless environmental songs with ladies garbed in ethnic attires gyrating in the backround. there was a bonfire and trees surrounded the place. cool, cool...too bad we couldn't stay long as we had to rest and prepare for another day's "work" the following day. ;)

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