Monday, April 30, 2007

perfect for my brooding soul

Pan's Labyrinth--am never the type who gets turned off by films wth subtitles. most of the subtitled movies i've seen were great and memorable.
i've read several reviews about this film. some find it grotesque, disturbing, boring (duh!)...but then it's the same dark imagery that drew me in to watching this. and boy, i was not disappointed at all. i actually loved every scene! forgive me for sounding so strange but yeah i sometimes delve on dark and violent films.
it's certainly not your ordinary Alice in Wonderland and i'm still confused why they rated it as PG 13. my niece who was with me was even disturbed by some scenes and she's 21. heck i even had to cover my eyes on some really gory executions hehehe...
just the same it's a great movie when you feel like you're all in anguish inside. it could be cathartic for all those dark thoughts lurking inside you. it's actually like dousing some alcohol on one's open wound. great, good God!!!!


  1. is this the same movie as Pan's Labyrinth?