Wednesday, September 05, 2007

breaking free

funny how the idea of writing this struck while i was talking to him...he was asking for what could be done...planning what's best to look forward to next...and my mind was fleeing far away from it...i wanted none of it anymore...i wanna be somewhere else...i long to be out there.

how can one actually say goodbye?

i remembered faltering one great deal a year ago...i knew i was gonna be kicked out...let freed...

but no...after a while of deliberation...he thought it best for me to stay...he eventually forgave me...supported me...needed me.

needs me till now...

yeah, i seem to have this neurotic need to be be asked to stay.

but i dunno...this time i just want to be let go.

how i wish i know how.

will you please tell me how???


  1. Are you thinking about resigning? It would be best to find a new job first before tendering your resignation. Then you'll just have to let it go. Or are you talking about another totally different thing?

  2. you actually got it right, daiz!!:D

    oh just procrastinating i guess...too scared to actually take that plunge. :-s