Sunday, September 23, 2007

livin' lovin'

(one good morning brought to you by mcdonald's)

woke up early this morning to attend a 6am mass with a friend.

yeah, as i've been saying again and again, am actually loving my life now more than ever. i'm sort of going back to what i used to enjoy doing...not just the mass thing but the fun, deep conversations i've been longing for some time.

a lot of memories have been stirred within me as we talked about the books we loved, the movies we can never forget, the songs we always wanted to hear, the experiences and quips with good old friends and teachers. i so love the fact that i can now openly display my passion for such movies as before sunrise/ sunset, great expectations, what's eating gilbert grape, sent down girl, or the books by jostein gaarder, or discuss more of thirdy's philo without getting some duh! looks on my friend's face. yes, i'm just so glad to be currently surrounded with people i could actually talk to and connect with. wow!

yeah, the past years i've been everywhere drinking each sight and savoring each wonder of the places i go to but just the same there has always been that deep longing in me, that empty pit i never knew how to fill. i feel i've been gone too long. goin everywhere to find those things who could satiate my ever wandering and wondering soul. geez!

i guess this is just one of the wonders of the all-too-familiar-and-always-available-at-mornings-only-mcdonald's-breakfast-meals-but-i-could-rarely-enjoy-because-of-my-highly-nocturnal-behavior could bring, noh?

as we we're walking home we saw this sign which read "masarap maging atenista!" and we both kinda agreed to it. i even related to him how i'd use to "get emo" outside our tambayan then and say "i don't have any penny not even a piso in my pocket but at least i'm still in ateneo" sort of line. and how i reminded him of us having tried out all the value meals at mcdo just to make do with our meager scholar's allowances. imagine him buying cheeseburger meal with extra rice??! he'd take out the burger patty to go as viand to his rice and voila! he's got an extra cheese sandwich too! how creative can one get? LOL!

oh wel, that's how simple our life then but far too enriched nonetheless.

eek, i'm blabbering now. gotta get more zzzzz's.

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