Wednesday, September 12, 2007

missing my sister's not her birthday or mine or anything at's just one ordinary, forgettable day...but i'm just missing her...i don't know why...i know i could text her or message her anytime...but i don't want to...i know she's just her own life...touching other people's lives with her work...enjoying the sceneries of Fifth Ave, Central Park, etc...sipping her Starbucks coffee...spending sexy times with her hubby...laughing it out with her fellow Pinoy friends...whatever...i just wish she's truly happy.

selfish as it may sound, am lucky being her spoiled brat of a sis. she gives me stuff even when i don't ask for them. she supplies me with all the cosmetics and shoes and bags and clothes though most of them i just assume they are all for me even if apparently they are not wehehehe...sorry na lang sa maunahan. too bad she can't give me the best havaianas as styles of havs in the US are kinda crappy hmpf! hehehe...oh well...and i can ask her for more dough when i need it. oops, am not taking just being myself..the pretty lil sis in need. *toink*

it's not really easy living with her. she could be really noisy sometimes and i'm the awfully quiet one...but she has always been my best counselor. she can mouth out the best of advices even when it's unsolicited...but that's just what she is...and i really believe i'm needing her now. her ratatat of opinions and scenarios may be the best thing that i need at the moment. i can't just think by and for myself all the time. i've always been making decisions for myself but there are just times when i wish people could think and work things out for guide me or nudge or push whichever is needed the most...

sigh. i feel like needing a warm chocolate drink and curling up to sleep.


  1. these kinds of post about having a bigger sis, makes me wish i had one too, and a big brother. then younger sibs.

    you sure are lucky to have a great sister!

  2. i'm glad i don't have younger sibs...but i've lots of nieces and nephews i can be barkadas with naman...and yeah, always great to have older sis and bro. yey!

    hi haze! :wave:

  3. Had a similar post in my blog a couple of months ago. Kakamiss nga rin lalo na when they're out of the country.

  4. I'm sad that I don't have an older brother or sister. You're lucky!

  5. the funny thing is i remember and miss the quirks all the more hehe...

  6. Anonymous9:18 PM

    hi! i love how you write and i can totally relate to your post because i also have a younger sis who is also in another city working. :)i see that you speak bisaya. i'm from dumaguete by the way :)