Wednesday, September 26, 2007

playing mommy

yes, i'm a mom. i have to remind myself of that once in a while not just because i get to be with my Xan a few times every couple of months but more so because he has grown so much everytime i get to see him. it is actually hard for me to believe that the not so little boy anymore actually came from my body!

well, i got home today and my son was actually beaming when he saw me! he felt shy and held on to my mom for a while but later eased up and gladly posed for the camera too.

oh well, yeah, i'm having such a camwhore of a son now! he was giggling and laughing and was later hugging me. aawww...the greatest feeling indeed is to be truly missed by one's own flesh and blood.

but then again maybe he was just having fun with the camera that he was so ready to smile and grab my phone each shot to check how he looked and would shriek out upon seeing his face haha! but no, i don't want my son's eagerness in seeing me be clouded with doubts all at once. just that right now i am currently basking at the warmth of his kisses and hugs too. and i have the luxury to enjoy all that for the next few days. never mind if that would mean me having to carry him sometimes (all 13 kilos of him!) or having to run around to catch him as he scuttles off to wherever. or watch Dora and Diego with him (which i so love anyway!) sing and sway with him and yell out answers with him till he tires and, rolls on the bed and dozes off to sleep hehehe...i don't really wanna complain. right now i just want to enjoy every bit, every minute of being with my Xan. :)


  1. awww, you must've missed him so much. laki na nga nya no? enjoy every moment with him!:)

  2. big boy na and so kulit...but lovable kulit hehe...

  3. cute na cute... hindi mo kamukha (no offense) at matangkad pa! ahaha. *kish xan*

  4. oh yeah, Xan looks like my mom, my niece, another nephew..even 2 my other exes. everyone else but me hehe...