Sunday, September 16, 2007

one bad news on a sunday morning...


woke up with one text message from my friend, sugar...tito allan passed away this morning :(

tito alan is jap's dad. but he's more than just just his dad, he was also one of our friends too. he would join us in most of our gimmicks, brought us a bottle of wine one time when we celebrated lala's birthday. even sat with us and talked with us. he would see to it we get home safe when we were still out on the streets back in high school. or even when we got older.

having lost my own dad at an early age, having a father figure has always been a welcome thought.

i learned he got really sick, had a stroke and fell on a coma last May. i actually prayed i'd still get to see him alive by the time i go home to iligan last june. and yeah, i did. but he was not the same tito allan i remembered. it was heartbreaking seeing him lying on the hospital bed with tubes attached to his body and him looking so frail and helpless.

and i couldn''t bear the sight of him for long...that's exactly what my dad went through.

it's kinda hard to endure the sight of seeing someone strong and healthy slowly slipping away. i remember telling him to "rage, rage against the dying of the light" the same way i told my dad a long time ago. of couse, i was still somehow hoping i'd see him again on the streets, on the bars we go to.

but yeah, sigh. he's truly gone. i'll just have to live with it.

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