Thursday, September 13, 2007

contracting sickness...

called home yesterday only to find out that my not-so-lil-anymore Xan is sick...fever and colds and cough...i felt saddened and later felt feverish and cold too...oo na, mahirap talaga may inggit sa katawan but that's how i felt...

i remember when my first nephew was circumcized years back...i saw him so pale and in pain though he was not complaining or saying anything at all...the next day i had fever...for him...for days.

my mom just called a while ago that they are now at the doctor's office for Xan's check up. apparently all the boys at home are sick. now i really am feverish...with colds...with a terrible headache...i had to take double doses of Vit. C and paracetamol and cold tablet and whatever meds i could get my hands on...this is indeed mega inggit.

and a while ago i just learned that my pretty one is sick too. ugh!


  1. Everyone's sick ba? Looks like what you have is sympathy sickness. Hope you get well soon as well as your loved ones.

  2. honestly i still cringe everytime i think of that "tuli incident" of my nephew..pano na kaya pag si Xan *shivers*

  3. ay inggitera pala. hahaha!
    Uso ata ang sakit ngayon because of the weather. Pa iba iba kasi. :D

  4. i'm feeling better now. lagnat inggit nga lang yun hahah!

    Tnx girls! ;)