Sunday, September 16, 2007

retaking the ACET

this weekend was ACET (ateneo college entrance test) weekend and though the rains poured in heavily, students from different schools poured in too some with their parents, guardians, companions, even yayas and drivers. Filling the high school ground to the rafters.

am one of the few who actually gets to take the ACET almost every year...i actually now have an MA in ACET wahahah! no, not that i actually get to take the exam...i have been a proctor twice back in college, and has later been elevated to examiner after graduating.

not that i enjoy seeing students getting tortured by exams but i have to admit though that i find amusement in seeing young ladies (yeah, at 16 these kids now look lady like enough!) come in all freshened up and leave the room after four hours all haggard and harassed hehe...or seeing young men appear all confident and later check out the questions and stare in seeming disbelief at their test booklets as if asking themselves why they got there anyway.

what keeps me from coming back each year though is that i get inspired in seeing kids remain hopeful and aiming their best shot at being able to attend a prestigious school. it might not be a big deal for some but i just love the ateneo...i have fond memories of this school and i just feel a deep sense of pride and excitement too for them who also want to experience what i did.

and hey, even if some of them don't get to pass now...they can always try again next time. no harm in trying once more if it's what you really want you know. *wink*

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