Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I believe in the sand beneath my toes...

(third eye blind)

my brother has been asking me to drop by zamboanga city where he is currently working for their Christmas party on the 20th. i have booked my flight and we'll just go home together by bus to our home in Iligan. nevermind if it's but another 10-12 hour trip. ilang beses na sya nagparinig that i should drop by and see his place there so i should for once give in.

in return, i've been prodding him to take me to sta. cruz island too. dang, it's been really cold lately and am dreaming of the warm sun to kiss my pale skin once more.

he told me that it might be dangerous at this time as there's some war brewing over at Sulu and that we might need some Marine escorts in case we do visit.

i don't really mind. there's always war on that part of the world most of the time anyway. and having armed escorts does sound cool, right?

but i've alway believed that my bro, our only boy in the family lacks the adventurous spirit we, the women in the family has. har-har.

but i'm really still hoping and praying he gives in.

man, how can i not drool on this one:

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