Tuesday, December 25, 2007

my 2007 according to my blogs

Got this one from Xtianne.

Copy and paste the first sentence from your first entry of each month this past year. What better way to sum up your year and make a countdown to '08!

January: after all the fireworks and the revelries taking place last holidays my birthday which is coming up in a few days may all be just a pfft. (blocked from view)

February: i've never really known what real love is all about. (bloggin love)

March: i got to go home to iligan for a few days last week...particularly mar. 17 to 21. (swift but sweet)

April: now that's kinda sad...but what is happiness anyway?? (pursuing happiness)

May: pagudpud, ilocos norte---it was a 12 hour long bus ride but what the heck, we only had to sleep naman and i've got my music companion with me so no fuss at all. (goin loco in iloco)

June: Tagbilaran, Bohol--this is my usual kind of trip...bein beachy, yeah! (beachy!)

July: managed to catch a couple of films at the Japanese Film Fest held at the UP Film Institute and was drawn by this movie... (Aoi Haru)

August: i've been meaning to write this for quite sometime...but i've been having such a deluge of things to do and think about that i consider it untimely to just post it yet...and yeah, somehow we need some time, a longer time even to process whatever it is we are feeling... (goodbyes and reunions)

September: funny how the idea of writing this struck while i was talking to him. (breaking free)

October: my sister just sent me a tub of this famous anti-aging cream. (facial issues)

November: not that am an expert...i don't even know exactly what i'd do there. (off to surfland)

December: everything seems to be back to normal at my side of the world. (it's oh so quiet...)

so there...kinda taxing...and it took me quite a while as i couldn't help but reread some entries. and yeah, i cheated a bit by choosing the next entry when the first one seemed off to post hehe...i'm enticing anyone and everyone who wants to do it too!

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