Thursday, December 13, 2007

i've got the blues...

...and i don't know why.

...must be from reading all those mushy essays from youngblood 3 for the past couple of nights now.

...or maybe the fact that i have nightly parties starting tonight and i don't really feel like going save for those which i'll be with close friends.

...or maybe because i have yet to do my Christmas shopping and i haven't really bought a single gift for my family and my friends but then again i so hate squeezing myself unto crowded malls or tiangges or brave Manila traffic. it because of the fact that nights are gettin colder as i jog each night and all i see are couples or at least old men with their dogs?

...i miss you and sometimes i'd ask myself if i do deserve missing you at all.

...i dunno. i've always hated Decembers here in Manila. i just know i need to get home pretty quick.

...i miss my mom. and am so looking forward to smelling her cooking back home.

...maybe i just need my most perfect drug...XAN.


  1. I've been feeling the blues lately too. Reason for my "madramang" recent posts. At least you have Tsak, even if you're not physically together. And you'll always have Xan to cheer you up. =)

  2. weird noh, you just wake up one day and feel everything's heavy and you don't really know's just best lang talaga to remind yourself of waht you already have. thanks. =)