Saturday, December 08, 2007

FR: Vertical Horizon

(photos courtesy of parangtukmol)

i know i've been overly dramatic the past days that i might not be to able to watch the concert but well yeah, i did.

when we got to araneta a lot of people were milling around but there really wasn't a long queue. tickets were still available even up to GP which was at P525. i was prepared to shell out only up to P1050 if GP tickets were not available anymore. sorry, i guess i'd only dare sit up front and shell out a couple of thousands only if it's going to be tori amos or chris cornell or billy corgan.

when we got inside twas kinda sad looking at how there were a lot of empty seats upfront and everywhere around the bleachers side. we were actually seated on the upper box so our view was still a-ok.

i've forgotten though how cold araneta can be. i guess i was used to watching uaap games there with such a huge wild crowd that i thought it won't get cold that much. i was telling andy na lang to pretend we're watching it abroad and that it's freakin snowy outside haha!

rivermaya opened up the show and wow i missed rico blanco so much! i knew i was shouting too much of "i love you, rico!" and "i miss you rico!" LOL! but then the new guy Jayson is such a performer too. i had goosebumps when he sang Himala with such power. Japs, Mike and Elgar are quite malamya performers eh which is why i felt how i sorely miss Rico's todo performance. But Jayson's youth (he's only 18) and energy could very well bring the band up once again. and i guess they will still remain as my fave Pinoy band of all time (more so for the love of Rico hehe).

then out came Jaime Kennedy supposedly of the Jaime Kennedy Experiment. sorry i didn't know who he was. but andy enthusiastically stood up and took vids and photos of him. we had a great time laughing at his jokes though which was mostly R-18. he also made fun of a lot of Chinese and Jap guys up to even the Catholic altar boys. dang, i'm sure he hit some soft, dangerous spots in there.

araneta was almost filled up when VH finaly came out after a good few minutes.
they opened up with Inside You...and wow, the experience was almost surreal. the fans sitting up front all stood up and leaned on the railings. the crowd just roared and i could almost feel araneta tremble. Utterly gorgeous Matt Scannel actualy got inside everyone of us.

When they sang the more famous songs as Best I Ever Had, You're a God, Everything She Wants, you could see how each one held up their lit celphones or cameras recording the performances.

unfortunately i didn't now a lot of their songs which brought me to just sitting and listening and daydreaming. one thing why i'm into rock groups is that most vocalists are just total hotties haha! they would apear all rough and brawny but you'd see them transform to mere boys once they sing and dance around and shout out expressions of love and hurts and all the good and bad stuff.

it was totaly heartwarming how Matt just uttered over and over again how "incredible" their Manila experience was. their first in Asia at that. he must have said "thank you" countless of times. he even practiced his few Tagalog words as "magandang gabi", "mahal ko kayo" much to the delight of the audience. i know it's quite customary for foreign acts to just say it to wow the audience but his sincerity was just overwhelming. mahal ko na din siya!

he even said something about coming back and getting an apartment here already LOL!

the show ended after about 2 hours of them singin and rockin and us roaring and sighing and drinking that sight and sound which was the vertical horizon phenomenon.

oh yeah, i've totally become enamored with that big, bald guy who looks a lil bit like alex crisano haha!

i have just downloaded their Go album and has been listening to it over and over now. am still so hung over. =)


  1. Jamie2:56 PM

    Hi! I'm skyllo from PEx. Thanks a lot for the entry. I wish I had the chance to watch them. Medyo mahal nga yung ticket and I was a bit hesitant nga dahil 3 lang ata ang alam kong kanta nila. Pero now that I've seen videos from last night, nakakahinayang nang kaunti. Andun pa naman yung kapangalan kong si Jamie Kennedy. Hehehehe. Pero OK lang. Salamat sa kuwento!!!

  2. hi, skyllo! salamat din sa pagbasa nito. well worth it naman siya. next time! =)

  3. Good for you at natuloy kayo. Didn't know na di pala totoo na Christian band yung VH.