Thursday, December 06, 2007


seems like no one can accompany me to the vertical horizon concert this friday at araneta. i guess i'll just have to buy myself some beers, munch on hot n spicy cheding's, watch as many VH vids i could find on youtube, and sniff...or even bawl.:(

and i think am gonna be coming down with something..all these rains..and the cold...more sniffs.


  1. I learned about that VH concert just this week. It wasn't heavily promoted and I just read about it in PEx. Because of the short notice, I can't go to it either. So sad. =(

  2. we will try to score tickets later. keeping my fingers crossed. if not we will just camp outside araneta haha!

  3. At least you found someone to accompany you. I bet there'd still be lotsa tickets when you go there later. Good luck!