Friday, December 07, 2007


pex has been down for the past 4 hours or so now. just when i got become too excited after having tamed alpha green, our resident troll (har-har!) in torch'd's thread. or so i presume.

this left me with not having much to do aside from refreshing multiply over and over again to check for updates.

work-wise, i was just able to do our last quarter budget request which i did quite in a jiffy even if i tried doing and redoing it if only to bide some more time and more work hehe. i wanted to study our budget and hopefully prepare a new one for next year but i found it too early just yet. besides my colds are still kinda bad and even if i've been sleeping on and off today working on numbers will only make me even more dizzy.

this left me with nothing much to do but sing! or at least try to haha! i have this habit of looking up to the lyrics and meanings of the songs i download. i would play it over and over again and try to sing along with it. i have this site bookmarked which i could just browse to whenever.

lately i have just compiled my third eye blind mp3 folder and found myself transported to our old apartment back in abada when we'd head bang on semi charmed life LOL! i just happened to look up to its lyrics and found that it's supposed to be about some meth addiction. no wonder we'd get high with the song as well. but i'd look back and realize that most of the songs i was into back then and even now is mostly about drugs and suicide and relationships gone wrong. i knew i had quite a lot of angst back then but yeah, maybe these songs just contributed more to it subliminally. how can it be not when i'd listen to a lot of googoo dolls, smashing pumpkins, nirvana, etc back then.

and i'd just read that black balloon refers to that black balloon which is being used by heroin addicts to wrap around their arms before injection. yeah, i knew it was again about drugs but not this specific.

but then again who cares. billie corgan supposedly wrote today when he was feeling suicidal. and yet i find it really positive and happy haha! songs do have different meanings for different people and it depends mostly on how each one affects each part of our lives. these songs from that era may have sounded angsty and dark yet i take comfort in these songs because those were the days when i felt i was young and carefree and strong and invincible.

another great misconception i believe is when i heard years ago from some dj that vertical horizon is actually a Christian band. that its name actually signifies a a vertical and a horizontal line thus forming a cross. lame as it sounds i actually believed in it hehe. such acts like jars of clay could still bring on inspiration and rock at the same time, right? but yeah, i looked up on vertical horizon and found no such support info for that Christian group claim.

i researched on vertical horizon too more so because we might be able to catch the concert later tonight yi-ha! that is if we could still score some tickets. if not then we can always just camp out outside araneta or hopefully find a good table in dencios and just drink the night away. *sniff*

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