Monday, February 18, 2008


wala lang ako maisip na title..magulo utak ko..i just want to write all these stuff down.


great party last saturday, yey! just that i don't feel like goin to side bar for a while muna. i'm not so crazy over those diluted drinks, nah, sorry. i still miss the plain, good, old beer hehe.


i watched Trainspotting that friday night. the Brit accent will always be cool. but that film is one crazy, crazy ride. :p


watched Basic Instinct that saturday, ho-hum...Michael Douglas seems to act the same whatever movie he stars in haha. Sharon Stone looks immaculate but she's almost like some mannequin, perfect but lifeless. the love scenes weren't really that hot. or maybe i'm just so full of xtube (oops, lol!)


sigh, Wicker Park is and will always be a good one. i peeked on those deleted scenes and found it to be more interesting. will start scouting for it's original french version when i get the chance.


oh yeah, do drop by the second floor at metrowalk for those hard to find dibidis, from classic films to the artsy, obscure ones. i hope to go back there for more.


feeling pretty bit messed up the past days. my apologies for everyone else who's got the blues too. it's not that i don't wanna acknowledge your hurts, just that right now, it's ours that matters to us the most.


i'll forever be grateful for friends who understand and show that they care. let the prayer brigade rage on! =)


i love weekends when there's not much to do and no place else to go. when i'd get too excited about what film to watch next, what the updates are in my online community. just that sometimes, i'd get frazzled as to whether i should eat first or take a bath or just let on and sleep. i thank God for food deliveries when my cupboard runs empty. but i've to admit that at most times i'd rather sleep or munch on crackers when i'm almost too lazy to call/count my change/choose what food to get/let it cost up to the minimun food order. yeah, i'm that lazy sometimes, eh ano naman. :p


i'm not feeling all blissed-out these days. i'm emo as emo can be, yuck!!!!

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