Saturday, February 09, 2008

what's eating gilbert grape

realized how full of angst we are back in the 90s. not just in the songs we listen to but also in the movies we watched.

saw what's eating gilbert grape a while ago. my first after i saw it on the movies more than 10 years ago. i remembered we saw it then at Sta. Lucia Mall when it was still new. we were at the top floor and we just sat there on the floor, facing the window right after. my schoolmate kinda exclaimed na" kung di totoong special child si Arnie sobrang galing lang nya talagang actor!" of course, we all know now that Leo diCaprio is indeed normal like us (or some of us) and is just one hell of a good actor.

The scenes and lines were still very vivid to me. and i still cried at some scenes. it also has one of the most cathartic ending for an all too emotionally filled film. it made letting go and moving on actually easier to do.

oh, bought this dvd at the Chinatown in Singapore for $5 (roughly PhP150) =)

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