Wednesday, February 06, 2008

slingin' singapore

oh well...

isn't it kinda disappointing that one takes great pains in planning for a trip, researching for the must-see places to go to only to find out that all your companions really wanna do is shop? and worse, you have no more money to shop so what you can do is just hang around wherever they wanna go or be someplace else by yourself and just take pictures? hehe...

we arrived in Sg at past 10pm after almost 6 hours on the bus from KL. it took us a while to get a cab as apparently most taxis there are on call. meaning you have to call up their operators on the phone and ask them to send you a cab. unless you are on some pretty crowded places where taxis can wait and be flagged. but that was almost midnight and most taxis have status as "busy", "hired" or "on call" hahaha ang damot! we finally got to make a couple of calls from a nearby store to get us two taxis and after giving our address we got to our host's place safe and sound. we were so hungry and tired that we rested right after being served with a great meal of crabs and chicken, wow!

Day 1: we were supposed to start early the following day but we were just so tired the previous days that we adjusted our sked a bit. we left past noon for vivo city. the trip going there was an adventure in itself as we did not have any guides with us save for the map (yes, the map! para kaming si dora haha!) and some quick instructions from our host. it's an advantage that Sg's bus and train system are so organized. each bus and train stop has directions and lists of each stop. sobrang tanga na nga ata ang maliligaw pa dun. besides most of them can speak english.

after a good meal of chicken rice and yes, chicken and all other food stuff at vivo, we then got to the third level for the monorail ride to Sentosa. nothing special really, as we passed by sites which were still under construction. and before we even got on the ground it rained. no, it poured hard haha! we were planning to watch the Songs of the Sea later that evening but they didn't sell tickets while the rain kept pouring.

we proceeded to the Underwater World as at least it was indoors. and yes, i love the feel of being underwater too. it was not as big as Ocean Park's Atoll Reef but we circled it 3 times making me a bit dizzy too hehe...

then we rushed out for the scheduled pink dolphins show. though they didn't look pink to me, they were more like grayish, or baka nabura na ang kulay umulan kse :p

after getting on a tram for a short ride around the island we all went back to vivo...had some kopi tiam and toast and strolled around a bit. next stop was Mustafa in Little India. We got back on the train and stopped by Farrer station where Mustafa was just a short walk. we've been warned of the distinct, err, smell so i was a bit prepared to half-breathe all the way if there is such a thing haha! we were able to buy a few souvenir items. it was not relatively cheap compared to the ones in KL but they say it's the cheapest already everywhere in Sg.

and here's the funny thing, we were supposed to get dinner but we didn't want any indian food, and there's nothing but indian restos in the area. but of course, we were in little india after all. i searched my map again (yes, the map! haha) and looked for the nearest shopping center (as i was not satisfied with what i bought). i saw Bugis so we all hailed a cab and went there. we finally had our dinner at..tadaa...burger king! yey, western food for a change.

the oldies went home ahead after dinner, while we opted to stay longer and scour the night market. we were able to find good stuff at better prices. then we all went home ala amazing race, running after the the last train trip to the next as it was almost midnight. oh we got home without hitch alright except for that last bus where we had to alight off again as it was going the opposite way. yeah, right bus number, just the opposite route bleh!

Day 2: First order of the day was to go to Orchard Road. uhm, i didn't see anything special with the place except for the long stretch of malls and shops and more malls. but they got a big Borders shop there though. one sweet haven for book lovers like me.

from orchard we got on the train again and stopped at the City Hall station where we saw raffles place, a short walk and we saw the peninsula, and funan for the gadgets again. my other office mate went ahead for the stamps museum, while the rest of them went on to funan. what i did was walked on ahead looked for the city hall, the supreme court, the old and new parliament, found the st. andrew's church along the way too. if it wasn't for the rains i could have walked on to the merlion park as well. i could already see the esplanade at a distance.

when we all met up again i led them walking back down to where i passed by going to the merlion park. we were able to pass by the art shop, victoria theater and the national museum. we were able to get good photos at the merlion park before rain poured in anew.

we asked around for a bus that stops by suntec city. we could have walked but it was raining and they were all tired. we saw the fountain of wealth in suntec. we also had our dinner there. we were supposed to go to the night safari as our last stop but they said they were all tired. woe to me. :( so to stall a bit, we looked for a bus that could take us to our home. at least we could still sight see on the 25-30 minute bus ride before finally calling it a day.

Day 3: is friendship day. my boss-pari said mass at the community church to a group of Filipinos there. after which the house where we stayed in had their house blessing. i had to leave them as i was to meet my high school friend, Sylvia back to vivo city. yes, i went back there by myself. may map naman ako eh hehe. after a hearty buffet lunch of salads and pastas and meats she brought me to Page One where her hubby loves to scour books din pala. i introduced him to neil gaiman, he bought neverwhere upon my recommendation, and they bought me fragile things (my choice) as a gift, yey! the best thing i got actually aside from the godiva chocolate which they also gave me.

i met up with huck right after and we had coffee at starbucks. for once i just wanted to sit still while sipping my macchiato and just watch Singaporeans pass us by. yeah, singaporean males are quite buff you know. i am amazed at how their bodies look so lean and muscular. drool. haha!

from there we went to chinatown where i was to meet my officemates for dinner. we strolled the area a bit. it was still raining, darn it. before we met them we sat down on some food street and got ourselves some tiger beers and satay. nam-nam!

that was to be my dinner already. i finally joined my officemates for our train ride back home where we had to catch our flight back home later that night.

phew! if not for the rains i might have enjoyed the trip more. i still wanted to see the zoo and the night safari and the museum but we lacked time. our bodies were all aching and sore already. our flight was delayed pa, thank you cebu pac! hmpf! we left past 3am instead of the scheduled 1240 am flight.

but hey, we got back home safe and sound. i've slept a bit, regained much of my energies already. twas a good experience and yeah, i don't really wanna complain anymore. babalik pa ako, after all i still have about two dollars in my ezlink card, sayang naman haha!

more pics here! =)

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