Monday, February 25, 2008

a welcome getaway

Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas

i never knew summer fun could be this early for me.

a few days ago, my HS bud, Lala asked me if i would want to join them for their Fuego trip. I've never been there, i didn't have any idea what it looks like and i have a lot of doubts about enjoying it there as i didn't have any high hopes for the beaches in batangas. i just told her i wouldn't be too sure as i had my tooth extracted that day too and i knew i needed to rest.

the night before i had some mean party with a few friends and came home late that i wasn't really sure if i could be up early for the trip. but lo and behold, i woke up just before my alarm went off at 5:45am...thus by 7am i found myself dozing off on my friend's car on the way to nasugbu, batangas.

we got there at about 10am and my saying that the place is nice is but an understatement. i love it there! the sand is not so white but it's almost powdery fine, and there's not much rocks in there so it's safe to walk around barefoot, never mind the hot, hot sand hehe.

but the water is really cold, medyo may nangangagat nga lang. they say it's water mites and not jelly fish stings. i had rashes for a while pero nawala din naman. unlike the ones i got in la luz, batangas which left me a few scars from those rashes :-C.

we went to the nearby resort which is Munting Buhangin for lunch as the food in Punta Fuego is quite expensive. we saw a lot of families there and some even pitched tents for a minimal fee.

since Punta Fuego is a membership-only resort, i can't help but just recommend Munting Buhangin instead as they share the same stretch of beach anyway. and it's pretty much easy to just cross over to their resort hehe...i got there brochure and here's what i found:

duplex aircon cottage (6-15 pax) P7500
single aircon cottage (6-15pax) P8000
family inn aircon (9-12pax) P6800
nipa house aircon (4-10pax) P2750
tree house (2-10pax) P2900

pwde rin mag pitch ng tent for P500.oo
may volleyball, darts, kayak, videoke, etc.

you may contact them at their makati ofc 892-6051 loc. 410/812-5448/818-1975/818-4798

i believe this beach stretch of Punta Fuego and Munting Buhangin is way better than that of La Luz, and even that of White Beach in Galera, as the sand here is finer, the water clearer, more calm and predictable.

and the added bonus is a view of this magnificent sunset. it looks so serene and calm. it helped much that we had quite a cool day that time which made everything more relaxing.

we got home past six and dropped by Tagaytay for dinner. too bad we we're not able to have bulalo that time as Leslie's was packed so we ended up having an all-american dinner at Mile-Hi Diner, ok din naman.

of course, i'd like to thank my sponsors, Anne and Lala for the trip and newfound friends Linda and Norma for the company. t'was a totally awesome experience!

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