Tuesday, February 05, 2008

missing KL

yeah, i actually miss the place.

i knew all the research and planning for the itinerary made me quite dizzy and unexcited for a bit but arriving at the city all bustling and crowded awakened the wanderlust in me.

Day 1: i slept on the trip from katip to clark where the budget terminal was. i even slept through the 4 hour air asia trip to KL. nevermind if those rude Indian guys beside me were gambling on flight. the hell! how rude and noisy can you get. buti na lang di naman sila nangamoy. or maybe i just didn't smell it as i must be half-breathing all throughout the flight. the plane was pretty small and the claustrophobic me almost felt like panicking but i just had to take quick short breaths to pacify myself and tried hard to sleep.

we arrived safe and sound in KL and was greeted by heavy rains. our host had warned us of KL's erratic weather so it was ok. we took a taxi to our accommodations and felt like just travelling to subic hehe. twas kinda hard to imagine we were on foreign soil.

we got to our host's place at past 6pm, settled down a bit, fell asleep while waiting for the rain to stop then went to the mall at past 8pm to grab some dinner. oh, the sun doesn't set in KL till way past 7pm! but then again it doesn't rise till almost 8am anyway.

first stop was to the mall haha! midland megamall pa. sows!

but the food was great. so spicy and tasty and yummy!

we went home after milling around a bit. after all we had quite a long day travelling and there's still the next day for the real fun to begin.

Day 2: we started out quite early the next day for genting highlands. we didn't plan on getting on those rides (yeah, corny hehe). we only went there to check out the place. naman, cable car ride pa lang nanginig na tuhod nila eh haha!

twas just like enchanted kingdom just that it's much colder. yun lang. or siguro kse di naman kami nag rides. but then the rides in Ocean Park looked cooler as it was overlooking the South China Sea. kaso sempre di rin kami nag rides dun haha!

we went back down after lunch. after all it's almost two hours of bus ride to the city. then we stopped by chinatown and walked all the way to plaza low yat where all the electronic gadgets are supposed to be sold cheap. but then i'm not into gadgets, nah, make it i don't have any budget for that so all i bought really was a 2 gig flash disk for 39 rmb or roughly 500 bucks. not bad really.

then they went more shopping while i took more pics and looked around. and we all headed to KLCC for the petronas towers, yey!

there's a posh mall on the lower floors that we felt we were so dugyot upon getting in. for once nakakita na din ako ng magaganda hehe. pero wala pa din tatalo sa ganda ng mga Pilipina!

finally got two grab myself two pairs of vincci shoes, yeah, two pairs! i still dunno when and how to wear them though :p

after dinner and more shopping/window shopping, we went to the fountain area for a better view of the towers.

it looks awesome from a distance. it looks more amazing up close!

though it's pretty hard to get good pictures. i had to almost lie down on the cement floor to get this one. but who cares, all the other tourists followed suit as well hehe...

went home feeling bit yet still exhilarated. the following day is yet another day, and we were to travel to Singapore late in the afternoon.

Day 3: the oldies opted to stay at home while us, the younger once went out to buy tickets for our Sg trip and yes, do more last minute shopping and sightseeing. the bus ticket to Sg was at 30 rmb or a little over 300 pesos we went to central market, which doesn't really look like a market. we bought more souvenir items, like tshirts and ang walang kamatayang key chains haha. bought more trinkets and decors and had great food (again!). we set out again, walked a bit to the capitol, merdeka plaza, saw more of chinatown even if the sun was up shining brightly. then we tried hard to squeeze in to check out the malaysian eye. after all we failed to go up to petronas towers as tickets were to be distributed only till 10 am when our day has just started.

somehow i love being up there, makes me feel more light and powerful and carefree and liberated. and i've seen that part of the amazing race in which they had to go up the London Eye to look for the clue for their next destination. wala lang, feeling na naman ako :p

my officemates felt freaky, they were half closing their eyes and tried hard not to peek. sayang, ang ganda ng view. i was moving around pa naman for good spots to have my pics taken haha.

then we all had to rush home to catch our 430 pm bus. we thought we were gonna be late as it took us forever to get a teksi goin home and another one going to puduraya where all the buses are. kaso Filipino time din pala sila. the schedule was at 430pm and we were supposed to be there by 415. we got there at around 420 and the bus was still nowhere in sight. it arrived past 5pm and we left KL at past 530 haha! we got to Singapore at almost 11pm haaay.

the following day is yet another day!

more photos here!


  1. Anonymous1:14 PM

    wow! nice to see that you had a blast in KL and SIN.

    Taga-UP ka pala...and you know i got a gut feel that I know you hahaha.

  2. haha nope...thanks newei, pakilala ka na malay mo =)

  3. Hi Lang! Glad you enjoyed your KL/Sing trip. By the way, you're tagged. =)