Saturday, June 16, 2007


i lost my shades up there in the mountains of Bukidnon..i don't exactly remember when or how, i just woke up the following morning and realized i couldn't find it among my stuffs.

and about that time too, our host was asking me if i could speak to the kids for their weekly convocation and inspire them about the value of education and everything else they were having. duh! how could i inspire them? how would i know what to say when i was too preoccupied with my loss? and i only had several minutes to gather my thoughts. hmpf!

so i guess i ended up ranting to the kids hehe...
"i just lost my shades. it's a kenneth cole which my sister gave me all the way from New York. do you know where New York is? i could rant here all i want but seeing your blank faces i realize you could never understand me enough. it's not that i'm belittling you. in fact, i envy you...i admire you for not having too much attachment with material things. what you have here is a paradise. you wake up each morning and marvel at the beauty around you, which i had to climb so high up just to experience too. phew! i almost fainted coming up here and asked myself so many times why i have to do this, i am never a mountain person. i cannot understand the idea why we have to pant and almost lose our breath just to get here. why can't we ride up any vehicle and make it easier for everyone to see? and along the way i have to lose my precious shades!"

i must not have made sense in there i guess i just had to shift to feeling noble, throwing off words which could hopefully inspire hahaha!

but as i've told the kids, we are the ones who needed inspiration the most. we the city girls and guys who've become all too weary of the world out there. we cling on too much on material things if only to fill ourselves up of things we would forever crave as contentment and happiness. they, the kids have simpler lives, simpler peasures..we don't. we whine and rant about the littlest of disappointments. while they only have to work and study a little and everything else as free education, ample food, the wonders of nature, is given for free. sigh. if only we've had these things a long time ago then maybe we won't have to crave for more.

we won't have to cling on to insignificant things as a pair of shades.

at least i still have my limbs, my hopes, my life.

and i can always just ask my sis to give me another pair again hahaha.

otherwise i can always buy another disposable one sa tabi-tabi for like 50-75 bucks :P


  1. Wow, it feels great when you can cross another one out on your Lifetime To-Do List. :) Congratulations! This time Cagayan de Oro, but who knows... very soon you'll cross Chico River off your list too. :) Stay pretty!

  2. Hehe, I just noticed.. my comment was for your "Raging" post. But well... since I'm here:

    I guess I'm envious of how simple life is up there. No need to go sobbing after lost precious stuff, just because they haven't got them in the first place. Not that I'd wanna live the (very) simple life, though. What is it with shades these days. Thanks to Isaac, hubbs' shades are broken. Rudy Project, too. If you look upon it in a mature way, you can always say "It's just a pair of shades anyway." But then, we don't always look at "precious" stuff that way no?

    Hehe, tiis nalang muna sa P75 disposables till the new "orig" pair arrives.:)

  3. somehow i was greatful i didn't lose my phone, it would have been an entire story altogether hehe...but then this is the last leg of my trips, i was up in the mountains, i didn't even get to use it..ironic talaga haaay...

    but then well, oh's just one of those disposable stuffs you just have to let go na. :D