Sunday, June 24, 2007

oral invasion

i had my trip to the dentist yesterday, and since it was my first after sometime i had to stay longer haha! aside from the prophylaxis i had to have fillings on 9 of my teeth waah! and one is subject for extraction haay...i hate dental visits the mosts. though while sitting there on the chair i recalled i've been on an operating table twice anyway and i should have been kinda immune to the fear helped too that my dentist was a high school classmate, a kabarkada, a least i didn't get a lot of sermon about what and what not to do with regards to oral care...and yeah, i get to have a huge discount too yey!

but i'm due for a couple more visits the next week...oh well...


  1. Whoa, 9 teeth! At least you didn't have to get your wisdom teeth extracted. =)

  2. as of now 6 na lang...and one is subject for extraction hehe