Friday, June 01, 2007

finally looking at someone in the eye

Bacolod City-- "People don't really meet together anymore, and if they don't meet, they won't grow."

this is one verse that i just read on Paulo Coellho's (again!) latest book "Like the Flowing River" but no, am not gonna be telling you about the book. i'll instead tell you about the meeting :D

One of the reasons why i really wanted to go to Bacolod, aside from my work, and visiting my relatives was to meet a fellow mom whom i met in Pex.I first met May, otherwise known as sweetwahm at the Parenting 101 forum. I was expecting Xan then and she was already holding here baby Z for a few months that time. We've been sharing a lot of stories, pics even videos on the net for over a year that we were already treating each other's babies as pamangkins. And since May is out of town, she has missed our lotsa meetings and encounters of fellow moms here in Manila. All she got of course was our stories and seeing photos of our beaming faces as we all meet eye to eye and share more endless kwentos as most moms are bound to have lots of.

True enough, it's way different when you are finally able to put a face beyond a pex handle or a YM id. and pictures shared are never enough to let us know who the person really is. It's always way better to get to see each other's eyes, each other's soul.

Thanks, May, for finally having met you and Baby Z, and even Daddy T...I'd always treasure that, not to mention our kwentos and food trips, and long walks, and coffee drinking and dessert eating, and beer guzzling hahaha! Twas indeed one great meet! ;)


  1. Looks like you two had so much fun!
    Oo di ba, ang sarap to finally meet and put a face on the name and the stories you've long known about that person... I love the net!

  2. so much fun! and it seems we've known each other for quite a long time na. great thing talaga no.:D

  3. Hey, i feel the same way! It was fun, wasn't it. Hayaan nyo, I'll surprise you mommies one of these days... ako naman luluwas dyan. Abangan!

  4. we'll be waiting for you, May! :D