Tuesday, June 26, 2007

killer questions

the past few months i've been tasked to travel all over the country and meet our prospective "bayanis". having done this for years i no longer have the desire to take down notes, study their profiles, etc...i prefer to just head on, meet them and ask questions along the way. true enough, it's easier to just know them and let them tell me their stories compared to reading their profiles (tamad lang talaga ehe!)..and i get different reactions...most of them get the jitters as soon as they see me setting up my video cam...well, i'm always dressed casually, in shorts/cargoes/jeans, tshirt and my tsinelas...most often they'd feel relax seeing an amateur looking me :p...but as soon as they see my camera they'd hush up and believe that everything's for real hahaha!

then different stories come up, most of them are sincere, some prefer to brag..but i consider it a scoop whenever i'd get to make someone cry. how i relish this moment, i'd slowly pan then focus on their crying faces...full close-up! mean me...thank God they don't ask me to review their clips otherwise they'd get to se themselves with puffy noses and tear stricken eyes hehehe...

and what makes them cry? my killer questions:

1. What is your motivation in helping others?
2. what do you get out of it?

i dunno, i really don't know what's with the questions that makes them first stare at a distance then maybe feel some lump on their throats..then tears start to well up..i don't know...it still baffles me...thus i'd get muffled replies of "it's my dedication" "my calling", "my happiness"...haaay, then why cry???

beats me!!!

PS..oh yeah, some would then ask me, "mam, sang channel at anong oras po namin mapapanood yang video?"

well, the mean me will right away reply "ay sorry po, sa tv lang namin mapapanood yan eh" hehehe...

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