Sunday, June 17, 2007

raging against the waters

yeah, one of my dream trip is fulfilled!!! finally went white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro...i once dreamed of making it to Kalinga's Chico River a couple of years ago. i already signed up till i found out i was carrying Xan pala, yun i had to back out tsk tsk...but yeah, i made it!!!!

it was quite an adventure especially since my over 60 mom came with us, while my bro chickened out hahaha! what was planned as a trip with friends turned out to be a family affair as they each backed out due to whatever reasons they had hmpf! but all's well that ends well..we each had a great time nevermind if we almost fell off the waters, or we we're too sunburned from the more than 3 hours paddling out there in the open, or had body aches all over from rowing and fighting off the raging waters. but no, no, i'm never complaining.

compared to climbing a mountain, this river actually had 14 challenging rapids we had to pass through. i'm telling you, it can be multiple orgasmic nyahahaha!

now i'm really looking forward to that one in Chico River! ;)

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