Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rico is not with Rivermaya anymore

Dear friends, i am no longer with the band and management of rivermaya. I have been with the group from the start, and after 14 great years, I am now quite excited about the chance to finally do other things with my life, pursue endeavors outside of the entertainment spotlight. This is a desire I have made known to my group as early as 2005 and have already postponed several times. I will surely miss the music and the fans and will always cherish the experience. I hope you will continue supporting the group and the whole of opm. My work is done. Thank you for all your incredible love and support.

Rico Blanco (http://amillionflames.multiply.com/)

i've always loved rico, i've always loved rivermaya. i remember bringing them to iligan before for a show. well, i lost a great deal of money over that event due to lousy transaction deals but i will always love them. they are just so adorable. not to mention that their band has been one of the best in the local industry.

i'm happy for him though...but i can't help but be senti...

and yeah, i can relate...i feel i could relate...haaay...

abangan na lang....:)

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