Monday, October 01, 2007

facial issues

my sister just sent me a tub of this famous anti-aging cream. back in the day my titas would scramble for this product when my titos would come home from abroad. we the younger ones would just shrug it off. now am actually one of the "older ones". ugh!

i just hope i would get vain and meticulous enough to follow such daily ritual and not get too lazy to wash my face and dab this on my face each single day.

well maybe next time i could also say that:

"my skin is smoother, firmer, at yung lines nawala!"

(nyak! inde bagay LOL!)

oh while at it...i'll be terribly busy the next few days even weeks for our regional awarding ceremonies...and this lazy me is now kinda panicking already and this early i want to pamper myself with a trip to the spa for a body scrub preferrably with salt or sugar or even coffee...get waxed (again)...have some foot spa and pedicure...and yeah, i miss jogging once again...i hope the rain stops now. sigh.

sorry, i'm just really tired from my trip. just this weekend i was playing and keeping it cool with am suddenly back here in rainy in transit is not so much a bliss really...but yeah, i have no right to complain. :bonkself:


  1. uy tunay siya! i swear by it! hehehe sa lahat ng nasubukan ko siya ang perfect! hahaha

    pwede nang pang commercial ito! ahhaha

  2. medyo nanibago pa ko, US made kse to..i believe mas ok ang Pinas made for our Asian skin. :)