Tuesday, October 16, 2007


whoa, still quite dizzy from all the flurries lately...Davao had been good, our event turned out well..though everything else wasn't really that grand as we were really too tired to enjoy. sigh.

and the Bluewater experience was quite a let-down..more sigh...

but at least i had a great time with Xan. trust my lil boy to perk things up even as we travelled more than 8 hours that winding road from Davao to Iligan via Bukidnon. I've forgotten how nauseating the ride was as Xan was giving us his toothy smiles in between sleep and munching on chips and blurting out "bee-bee" everytime we pass by some Jollibee signs.

oh well...and now am here...alone again, naturally (where did i hear that ba? haha).

was too tired i slept quite well after hurrying some paperworks...but woke up too raring to go out and breathe in Katipunan air hehe...felt too weary too jog so i just managed to cross the field and raided 7-11 with goodies. remind myself not to go food shopping when utterly hungry next time huh! i bought their breakfast meal, a hotdog sandwich, spag and chicken combo and a big bottle of coke. yeah, am such a 7-11 junkie...too bad there's still no blue Quake cakes :(

tried to feel better just the same as i sauntered back to my pit listening to Tori Amos' Bouncing Off Clouds...

Make It Easy

Make This Easy
It's Not As Heavy As It Seems

well, let me just settle down for now...normalize my sched once more and relax. i still have a lot of deadlines the next few weeks but at least am just here now.

and am so looking forward to that Sunday mamam, yi-ha!

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